Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Of Frolicking

That didn't actually involve any sort of frolicking what so ever.

I did however have a day of adventure! Adventure I hear you cry?

Well sorta.

I passed the Dublin city boundary at least!

Today was a day of fun fun fun with one half of the Glamrocks ladies, Louise. We stalled it out to Dundrum shopping centre first to look at all of the beautiful things that we can't afford...*sigh*

Mind you, we went outside by the water fountain/thing beside the cinema and my senses were assaulted by a screeching in my ear and the smell of OAP's in the air. There was some 'spontaneous' opera singers performing in full concert gear giving it welly. The oul wans were LOVING IT! Bless, the little smiles on their faces... I bet it was the highlight of their day.

I'm being a little bit bad, aren't I? Look I'm sorry, I have TRIED to like Opera but sadly it's just one of those genres of music that does not appeal to me in the slightest.

Call me an uncultured swine if you must but I will retaliate with the fact that I adore Classical music, so there! Yes, I did stick my tongue out at the screen.

See, even Louise tried to pretend that she was having a good time but she's hiding the fear in her eyes behind the glasses.

Anyway after that we headed to Portmarnock, armed with bagels and growling stomachs. WHY we went there I don't know, considering its an awfully long way just to eat a bloody bagel, considering how hungry we were... You're going to have to explain that one to me Louise.

Anyway we got there and it was kind of sunny. Oh you know the way... you look for somewhere to sit, still looking, eventually find a spot and settle down. Grand. Still sunny. Unwrap the bagel, take a bite. It clouds over.

I mean COME ON!!!!

It took Louise literally 4 seconds to start telling me how unbelievably intolerant she is to the cold (it was still quite warm at this stage) and how if she doesn't heat up, she will actually die. Yes, DIE. She didn't say any of this but I could tell. I could tell alright! hahaha

Here's some pics that I took of the beach. Notice how you can see the sun TRYING ever so hard to squeeze through but doesn't quite make it. Kind of like a fat kid going down a toddler slide. In shorts. Oh the squeaking!!!

Some madzers actually got in! I can see them still trying to get the sand out of their feet for weeks to come!

The sun gone in... *rolls eyes*

Louise being freezing

Her bag, which I'm very jealous of by the way!

My bag... and foot.

That mad man with his metal detector... HE HAD A SHOVEL!! I didn't know at the time that he had a shovel!! I wonder if he found anything...

Louise making the point further that she was freezing, although by that stage I was too!

The little lighthouse on Howth Head... I wanted to go in for tea! hahaha

The ships coming in to Dublin. Just out of shot, pirates.

Today we walked THIS MANY! We're hot. Like AWESOMELY hot! I swear I didn't nearly loose a lung!

I wanted to go to the edge but previous experience with rabbit holes stopped me from ploughing through!

I think we found a location for a Glamrocks cover shoot...

I have to say I was quite proud of myself today, normally a hangover would have me hiding in bed and moaning constantly but today was really fun! And I only tripped over twice! No face on ground contact either!

Mind you I still managed to rip my leggings on the ONE twig that was in my vicinity. What am I?

A disaster!

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Anita said...

sounds a fun day :)

Anita said...


delightfully_delighted said...

eww! Curls!? You've GOT to be kidding!

Anita said...

they aren't curls. hair gel-ed baby!

A Certain Vintage said...

these pictures are beautiful, great wee blog :) xo