Monday, June 21, 2010

I Totally Deserved It

Never, EVER try and cut corners man because its just going to bite you in the ass!

Today I spent the better part of the afternoon dreading the thoughts of going to the gym. I was just being really, really lazy to be honest. I haven't been in three fucking weeks so I really needed to get my ass down there.

But the thought of walking!!!

So I said to myself, fuck it, get the bus down.

Now actually getting the bus is an endevour in itself. Seriously the only bus that goes down there is once every 50mins if you're lucky! And then three of them come in a row! If you were to walk you'd be there before the bus comes like!

That's not even the worse bit. The worst bit is that ITS ONLY ONE FUCKING STOP! You get on the bus and you get off at the next one! The distance isn't even that much between the bus stops, probably a 20minute walk, but its the walk itself. There are two bridges and NOTHING around you except traffic and bushes where the miggies gather. Biting bastards! hahaha

So today I decided to get the bus. Bad decision.

First off I was waiting for 40minutes for the shagging bus in the first place! Secondly when I got on it I had to do the whole embarrassing walk down the stairs after only going one stop. Thirdly, when you get off, you still have to walk for ten minutes! I mean is there even a point?!

So I did my work out, which nearly killed me by the way, and went to wait for the bus home. I WAS going to walk but then I said 'nah, sure one always passes me when I'm walking home'. So I waited. I only had to wait for 20minutes before one turned the corner.

I put my hand out.

Kept it out.

The bus man SEES me, shakes his head and points to the bus stop 5minutes away around the corner as he drives right past.


The motherfucker drove past me.

I couldn't believe it!

I was on the phone to my friend at the time and was screaming at the bus man again (second time in two days) and decided to just fucking WALK IT seeing as thats what I was obviously supposed to do in the first place!

I wasted over an hour today waiting on that bloody bus! An hour I could have spent sitting in the sun with my sunnies on!

And, get this, as I was walking over the bridge a 210 passed me. A 210!! They come every four hours!


By the way I think I gave myself a bruised rib or something from Saturday night! Fucking left lung is killing me all bloody day!

Not to forget the gammy limp I have from my knee...

Jaysus I'm an utter ride aren't I?!


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