Thursday, June 24, 2010

But I Don't Even HAVE A House...

So I didn't have any prior appointments for today... hurray!

And you know what that means?! Cleaning.

Now I'm either one or the other. I can be really really neat and need to have everything in its place with no mess and no clutter. Or I can be completely the opposite and be an utter slob with crusted food on kitchenware and a floor-drobe.

Actually the floor-drobe is usually present at all times. Moving on....

My day didn't actually consist of that cleaning buzz, where literally the entire house needs to be spotless, no. This was more 'oh ok, you want me to clean?? Well I'll do that but only so you won't shout at me'. Yeah.

So it started off watching Jeremy Kyle.. Oh it was simply AMAZING!! I ADORE daytime tv!! The trash that is on his show is unbelievable!! I was in my element! So I watched that while ironing, breaking my heart laughing through the entire thing.

After that (I'm still ironing by the way), I moved on over to 'Escape to the Country'. It's one of those shows where people who live in the city want to have the country life instead so a tv crew and some woman who has NO experience in real estate follow them around while they poke around someone else's house. I have to say, I do enjoy looking around people's houses! All of this consists of moi having a running commentary that usually involves a lot of 'ooh state of that!' or 'jaysus, you'd think she would've decorated a bit' or maybe even a 'that's not what I would have done'.

Now every once in a while they'd hit the goldmine and find this amazing house that I, myself, could see myself living in. Rarely.

Anyway I was having a ball watching this, giving out about the state of the couple who were looking for property and trying to convince my mam that the 'man' was indeed gay, and his marriage was, in fact, a cover up. Such was my reasoning, she thought so too. Success!!

After all of that I moved on to 'Location, Location, Location', another house hunting programme. I was in my element!

I don't know what it is about day time tv... if it doesn't involve a 'show' type structure, with the old man and the really young lady presenting, I'm all over it like a rash!

It's just as well I don't turn on my tv that often as I'd be sucked in each day and would get NOTHING done!!

I eventually finished my ironing (just as Location, Location, Location was finishing up... fancy that!) and chilled out for a good two hours. Ended up on the laptop and got sucked in to the world of the internet.

Seriously, my internet habits are AWFUL!! I resemble someone with ADHD! I have an array of tabs open in my browser at any one time and not one are connected with the other!

Today I managed to read up on the Vietnam war and download some ebooks, update my mobile phone software, browse through Getty Images website, browse through Life Magazine's website, look at Castletown House's website, Facebook and watch the new episode of True Blood online. And that was in 2 hours!

I was also on Amazon for a bit... man, am I dangerous on there!! I'm currently reading a book I just got from there titled 'Jane Austen; The World of Her Novels'. I'm glued to the fucking thing! hahaha It's great for someone like me, who is just obsessed with that era! I went back on to Amazon to find a companion book for it which is basically a book on etiquette. It's written in the style of a guidebook, as if it were published in the late 18th century. It's gotten really good reviews but I can't afford it at the moment. Story of my life darling! hahaha

Right I'm going off to read another chapter or two before beddy byes.

Tally ho!

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