Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been neglecting again...

*pokes head in. takes a look around, decides its safe and closes the door behind me*

Hi! It's been a while, has it not? So many things have come and passed and yet I have not commented on any of them. Here's a quick briefing...

Michael Jackson Died
Right I actually really didn't care about this to be honest. He was a shadow of his former self and looked a like a melted action man. No, your going to find yourself hard pushed to get any sympathy on this one from me. I liked his stuff as a kid and fucking adore a certain Jackson 5 track but in fairness he was either going to die during an operation to stop the melting of his face or on stage during that ridiculous 50 show stint in London. I'm glad it happened at home at least!

Right well I missed my chance to go and boy am I raging I didn't! Neil Young, Brucie, Florence and the Machine, East 17... damn it anyway! All that hippiness and flower power is right up my alley. Probably best I didn't go. Knowing me I would have chained myself to a tipee when it was all over and refused to move until promises of a similar place were made to me. Oh well, as they say... there's always next year!

New music
Well if I haven't been ever so happy for the past month! New albums due from The Dead Weather, Florence and the Machine and I finally got my hands on the much anticipate release from Yeah Yeah Yeahs... It is something of a miracle I haven't combusted! Any thoughts of Jack White and Alison Mossheart collaborating was enough to make me turn in to a surfer with the one phrase escaping my mouth... DUDE! I'm including one of they're tracks that they've released in video form down below.

*drools* See that? Thats my type of groove right there! ('',)

Oooh I've found this really great video of a girl doing a fire poi routine at the Burning Man festival. Watch this girl, she is actually amazing! I can do SOME poi but I don't think I could ever get to this stage, she's phenominal!

I've also been listening to a lot of The Kills lately due to the fact that they are fucking amazing and also in anticipation of the new album by The Dead Weather. I managed to find this video thats similar to a performance I saw of them in the Olympia theatre in 2003 I think it was. They were supporting Muse. Anyway here you go...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

I've been laughing my ass off to the wonderful genius of both Noel Fielding and Russell Brand. I hated them for ages, I think it was a combination of Russells hair and his cirulation stopping jeans. Noel, I've loved anyway! :D

But after those two videos I've fallen in love with them! Marry me Noel! heehee Don't worry, Bobby is still my number one. Sorry Louise. ('',)

Apart from all that I've been super! Working away, which is of course a drag in my job. I got my holiday pay though so I'm in a really good mood. For the past two weeks I've been like a leper and avoiding all social situations due to the fact that I've had no money. So there I was, on the phone at 12.05am last night, ringing my bank to check that I got paid. To my surprise I received an extra 400 euro! Score! You should have seen the state of me... I did an extremely embarrassing Tim Henman fist bump! Example A can be seen below...

It was actually really embarrassing. It was a more exaggerated version of that involving both arms instead of just the one. There I am, on my own in my room at 12.05am, standing there in my pyjamas, phone held to my ear by my shoulder and doing the Tim Henman fist pump. Mortifying.

Anyway, I think the length of that blog was sufficient enough for my lack of posting. Notice how I've completely breezed over the fact that Rob, or Bobby as he is now known, in any of that. Believe me, I building up to it.

Central Park pictures...


Oh I'm so going off to dream Rob, I mean Bobby, dreams!