Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I'm bored.

I'm just in from work and I'm sitting in my pj's horsing down a cup of hot chocolate and staring in to space. Until I decided to come on here of course.



You know what I did? I was sitting on the bus coming home and listening to my new ipod. You want to know what album I found on it that I didn't know I had?

Ultimate Disney Songs.

Oh yeah I went there.

So I'm sitting there with a shit eating grin on my face, moments away from standing up, throwing my arms out and bursting in to song, all the while the drunken old people pile on the bus and start hitting each other with handbags. Unintentionally of course. Strange people occupy the last bus home. The stragglers. The weirdos.

I, however, wanted to round them all up and create a Disney performance act. We already had the tour bus down so it was just a matter of getting everyone involved and learning all the words.

We could travel the globe!

Or temple bar... wherever tourists are to part with their cash.

Anyway its just an idea. I'll mull it over and try to pick out any major flaws in my plan before I go through with it. I can't imagine there would be many though. The plan is simply fool proof! If things go wrong or people threaten to leave, I'll just bribe them with a brandy and I'm fucking sorted. Bingo.

I even have a name.

The Late Night Chorus.

How amazing is that?! I'll tell you. Its fucking amazing.

Look out for our tour. We're going to be big.

Remember where you saw it.

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