Thursday, August 6, 2009

*Head In Hands*

The 'old' me would be horrified. Absolutely disgusted in fact.


I really don't fucking care! hahaha

I have a secret. I'm listening to The Streets and its really good! hahaha The fact that I downloaded it in the first place was a testament in itself. I have to say, I'm getting quite addicted to the album! Its the first one, Original Pirate Material. You know what I think it is? The actual music. Its so put together! But I do have to admit that yer man, Skinner... he has such a tongue in cheek way of writing that I find it really funny.

Ah sure.

At least its not as bad as the Shania Twain album I downloaded earlier.... bahahahaha oh have I told you lately that I feel like a woman? hahaha

Jesus. What the hell is happening to me?!

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