Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its gone!

Well the mop of hair that I called my own... it is now gone. It served me well.

Through my 'cut your own hair' phase...

My 'back comb it as much as possible' phase...

My beat the hell out of it with a GHD phase..

My 'let it go au natural' phase...

Ahhh... good times.

Or not.

The reason why I went over in the first place to get it done was because it was taking so long to actually bend to my command that I was sick and tired of it! It wouldn't stay the way I wanted it and there was a lovely chunk of hair that managed to get singed by a cigarette when it was foolish enough to jump in front of it on a spectacularly windy day... oh how I cursed when that happened!

Now though... well. I have gotten a fringe. Yes a fringe.

My history with fringes isn't one I look back on fondly. I got a fringe when I was about 10 and I swear to god the bitch that did it thought that the thing was supposed to start from the back of your head. That was how I ended up with a mallet fringe that came 6 inches thick away from my face. Bitch.

So yeah, I was going out on a limb here but I was so sick of it the way it was that I didn't care anymore. Well... I have to say... I love it! I am thrilled with the results! It has ended up looking like a mix between Florence Welsh and Kate Moss! woot! hahaha

I have to figure out how the hell to style it now and not singe the thing when I blow dry it!

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