Thursday, May 20, 2010


Seriously, why I ever do anyone any sort of favour is beyond me.

When you ask for one back, no one wants to know. I've had it with people taking advantage all of the time.

Tried to call in sick for work tomorrow and guess what, no one will cover my shift. After all of the shifts I've covered for them before at the drop of a hat and the ONE TIME I call in sick, they say no.

Seriously they can go and fucking shite off. If they ever ask me to do any thing for them again, I'm actually going to tell them where to go. I honestly can't believe it! The bastards! Once they get their way, they are happy. But when it comes to doing something for someone else, they either ignore you or flat out refuse to do it.

Well the days of 'ah sure delightfully_delighted will cover' are long gone.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Decisions, Descisions...

By golly! My life seems to have gotten very busy all of a sudden!

Seriously I go for months without having any fun due to lack of funds (festival tickets to pay for and a shit ass paying job being the culprits) and now suddenly I have commitments.

Commitments are not something I like. I generally like being more elusive and saying 'maybe' or perhaps 'I'll see'. But for some reason I've been saying 'yes' a lot more.

I've somehow agreed to go to the protest march that's on at the Dáil tomorrow evening. Still don't exactly know how I managed to rope myself in to that one. Mind you, apparently I'm going to be marching with the socialist party. Hmmm... I don't know if I like assigning myself to a political party with issues like this. Knowing me I'll get very passionate about the subject in the heat of the moment and they'll try and convince me to join them and their battle for justice.

Don't laugh, its happened before!

But to be honest I don't really have any other option. My friend who I plan to be going to the march with is a member of the party and seems to think that I've agreed to be assigned to flag holding duty.

You may know kindly fuck off mister!

That means associating myself with them for a common purpose. But what about when they ask me to help them on other issues?! What do I say? 'No sorry, I'm a lone ranger?!' hahaha I don't bloody think so!

Anyway I don't even know if I'll go, I'll probably make up some lame ass excuse not to go. Well it is my day off and I would like to go to the gym and run some errands...

Ok now I'm making excuses again. Excuses to get me out of awkward situations. Just like I always do. Oh well... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cycle Chic

Oh it has been a long time, hasn't it?!

Normally I'd avoid the issue of forgetting my password and make up some elaborate lie. Something that perhaps involved password stealing gnomes with giant yellow earrings or perhaps a tale of world wide travels where I found an actual pixie man and adopted him, giving the new name of Gerald but NO, I did forget my password and wasn't bothered to try and get pass the very very hard recovery process.

However, no need to fear! I am here once again.

Here to tell the tales of what I've been up to.

Or not.

No, I'm not going to. I'm going to leave who ever is reading this guessing about my absenteeism and let you come to your own conclusion. By the way it was most certainly not doing nothing. Nope. No sir. Nadda.


So yeah, I'm thinking of getting a bicycle. Not one of those power house contraptions that you see wizzing around the place. Notice how they are always ridden by some guy in his fifties with lycra clinging to his every contour, so much so that you can see the PORES on his armpits?!

I'm sorry but that whole culture of cycling is just vile! Cycling is supposed to be a normal mode of transport for normal people. I have however stumbled across the culture known as 'cycle chic'.

Now THIS I'm interested in!

People looking fabulous on retro bicycles... I can dig that.

An essential blog for all of this is Copenhagen Cycle Chic. They have wonderful photographs celebrating the nicer side of cycling. Mind you, Copenhagen has a completely different attitude to cycling that we Irish have. Over there Cyclists are not a triple point object that you score if you knock one over! In Copenhagen cyclists have the right of way instead of cars. If it snows, the cycle lanes get plowed first ahead of the main roadways! This is because there are so many people using the bike for day to day travelling, instead of using it purely at the weekend.

In fairness, I do think that Dublin's attitude to cycling is changing. The bike to work schemes are great and a lot of people are taking advantage of it, seeing as its a cheap way to keep fit in these recession times. Not to mention its good for the environment!

Anyway, the whole cycle chic thing is a completely separate thing altogether.

Exhibit A

Now one can hardly disagree that this chick doesn't look shit hot, no? hahaha

See that bike right there? That's my bike. Or rather the bike I want. €570 is a bit steep though so I'll be going for the cheaper option. One with a basket for €250! :)

The Copenhagen Cycle Chic website is actually launching a Dublin Cycle Chic event which is happening on 16th June! Details can be found here. So apparently you have to send in a photo or something to get invited to it but hopefully I'll have my bike by then and will be waiting outside looking awesome and ready for someone to take my picture! hahaha

Now... to get that bike! Donations anyone? :)

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