Friday, July 3, 2009

I Reek Of So Much Class, It Astounds Me...



Oww oww oww oww oww oww oww!!

My head. My poor beautiful head.

Pumping headache?
Duvet tangled around my hips?
Lying spread out on the bed like Jesus nailed to a cross?
Fucking check.

So what was a quiet night in with a few friends turned in to a drinking and singing marathon that involved copious amounts of alcohol,nachos with melted cheese, ice cream, chocolate, Dirty Dancing and Alan Carr.

Annoyed with the fact that it was a Thursday night and some people had work in the morning, my friend and I headed in to town to take the night to another level. I ended up in the last place I thought I would. The Base Bar. Its basically a club in a basement that's one sole purpose is to ruin the foundations of the Georgian structure. It seems to be doing a pretty good job of it I must say.

Anyway, on any normal given night I wouldn't be caught dead in there but I found myself inside, downing very cheap vodka and red bull and dancing away. It was also a gay night in there which topped it all off! All night I was fending off admirers and receiving compliments that my friend and I make a lovely couple. I found the whole thing fucking hilarious! hahaha

So basically it was a night of titty popping to Beyonce and dancing wildly while steadily getting worse off with each mouthful of fuel. At the end of the night I found myself being very smart and deciding to go in to work. Yes, work.

Funny story. You know the way I had gone to my friend's house for 'nibbles' and 'refreshments'? (I say nibbles, I mean practically inhaling the melted cheese and nachos.)Anyway I had planned to be there at around 6. I arrived at half 7 with a very fucking large tent, a wheely duffle bag, bag full of clothes from Pennys and sweaty armpits. I had 'stopped off' in town. Just for a 'look' you understand. I walked in to a camping shop and there was a very large tent for 85 euro. I expressed some interest in the product. Guy came over, saw that I knew what I was talking about, pointed out the good points about the tent and then offered it to me for 70 euro. I couldn't exactly turn that down now could I?

So that brings us to why I had all of this shit. Cut then to me deciding to go on the last. Where to put the bag? hmmm... *lightbulb* You know, I DO happen to work in town... I'm sure they wouldn't mind me just dropping in and dumping my stuff off for a few hours. So I did. And then returned to my lovely office block at 3 o clock in the morning absolutely shit faced and end up talking to the overnight guy for at least a half hour.

I have no recollection of what I said to him.

Anyway, cut to me arriving at home. Completely forgot to take the luggage out of the boot and end up having the taxi man running after me to the door. Lovely. Got in, went upstairs and saw my bed. Sleep. Yum. Looked down. Clothes. Ugh. Que the struggle to get out of the bloody things. Grand, dress was off. Looked down. Tights. UGH. Start taking them off. Struggling with the ankle bit. This is familiar. Bending over. Balance starts to go. Ooh, hair clip on the carpet. Why is the floor this close. OWW. OWW OWW OWW OWW OWW OWW.


I managed to fall over head first on to the floor but not before I skulled my head off the wroth iron handle on my dresser. I fell to the ground in pain and lay there with my arse in the air and my tights still fucking wrapped around my ankles. I actually passed out for a few minutes! I came to a few mins later and shuffled around on the floor, removed my tights all the while clutching my head.I saw my bed, clambered up and proceeded to pass out fully. I came to this morning with no recollection of what happened to my head.

I came down the stairs after putting on some clothes, no need to scare the horses like. I was actually still drunk I think. Anyway my mam asked me what the hell I did last night as she said she heard me falling over, a loud swear and then silence. She was two minutes from coming in to see if I was still alive when she heard me get up. I proceeded to fall around the place laughing and tell her of what she would have seen had she actually walked in.

Yeah. So that brings us to now. I'm sitting here, nursing a cup of tea, taste of crisps in my mouth and matted hair. I just had to write all of this down because I might forget it in case I get a concussion.

I've spent the morning in convulsions of laughter on the phone with my friend, lying spread across the bed while I tell her of what happened. The plan? Go out tonight and do it all again.