Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I'm bored.

I'm just in from work and I'm sitting in my pj's horsing down a cup of hot chocolate and staring in to space. Until I decided to come on here of course.



You know what I did? I was sitting on the bus coming home and listening to my new ipod. You want to know what album I found on it that I didn't know I had?

Ultimate Disney Songs.

Oh yeah I went there.

So I'm sitting there with a shit eating grin on my face, moments away from standing up, throwing my arms out and bursting in to song, all the while the drunken old people pile on the bus and start hitting each other with handbags. Unintentionally of course. Strange people occupy the last bus home. The stragglers. The weirdos.

I, however, wanted to round them all up and create a Disney performance act. We already had the tour bus down so it was just a matter of getting everyone involved and learning all the words.

We could travel the globe!

Or temple bar... wherever tourists are to part with their cash.

Anyway its just an idea. I'll mull it over and try to pick out any major flaws in my plan before I go through with it. I can't imagine there would be many though. The plan is simply fool proof! If things go wrong or people threaten to leave, I'll just bribe them with a brandy and I'm fucking sorted. Bingo.

I even have a name.

The Late Night Chorus.

How amazing is that?! I'll tell you. Its fucking amazing.

Look out for our tour. We're going to be big.

Remember where you saw it.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ugh. I'm so disgusted by some people.

So of course the news broke about the whole Robsten thing last night. At a Kings of Leon gig no less. One of my favourite bands for the past 4 years and a heartbreak for me and millions of others at they're gig. Great. That's just super.

Ok I'll admit, I was traumatised. Not the fact that Rob is hooking up, far from it! I want him to get his groove on, he's young, hot... might as well go for it! However the part I wasn't happy was that it was that excuse of an actress with the severe attitude disorder.

I expressed this. On Robsessed. And of course the Kristen brigade came to the rescue. Basically I was called a preppy bitch and a Jonas Brother fan. Because I don't like Kristen Stewart.

Give me a fucking break.

I don't like someone because they are an illiterate moron and has the worse mannerisms I have ever come across. Is she trying to look like she's having a seizure or is that unintentional? I have NEVER liked her. She can't act. She plays every single character she gets her hands on in the same way. She has destroyed Bella and I'm terrified to see what she does to Joan Jett, on of the greatest fucking icons ever!

I expressed this and of course, I get lynched. Putting it nicely of course.

I am sick of this classification of anti Stweart Rob fans as being 14, hormonal, 'preppy' and going around without a clue.

I am 22 years of age for fuck sake. I have finished college and know a few things at this stage. I have a love of classic literature, architecture, music and photography. Don't fucking dare classify or even associate me with one of those witless wonders.

I was the first one to come out and say something negative about the coupling along with mentioning that I was heartbroken on the board. I wasn't expecting full support, but in the end only a couple of people owned up and admitted that they felt the same. I was disgusted. Everyone else took the 'high' road and tried to put across that they were happy for them. Whatever. I know there were an awful lot of people keeping quiet about the whole thing. But then some people had the audacity to say that people like me were being mocked for coming out and saying we don't like her and are unhappy because Rob is off the market?! Oh would you ever fuck off and get away from me!

I know its a fantasy, I know deep down that I'll never meet him. I just choose to ignore all of this and play happy family. When did everything start getting so serious?! Jesus. I felt like I at the wrong end of a witch hunt!

Overall I've been completely turned off. Turned off the comment section of the board and turned off by Rob fans. I don't want to be associated with any off that bullshit. I like my life simple. No arguments.

There'd be no point in trying to defend yourself either because those people just go at you harder calling you immature and attack you for expressing yourself, even if you are being respectful to Kristen in the process.

No. Not for me sorry.

Bye Rob. It was good while it lasted.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

*Head In Hands*

The 'old' me would be horrified. Absolutely disgusted in fact.


I really don't fucking care! hahaha

I have a secret. I'm listening to The Streets and its really good! hahaha The fact that I downloaded it in the first place was a testament in itself. I have to say, I'm getting quite addicted to the album! Its the first one, Original Pirate Material. You know what I think it is? The actual music. Its so put together! But I do have to admit that yer man, Skinner... he has such a tongue in cheek way of writing that I find it really funny.

Ah sure.

At least its not as bad as the Shania Twain album I downloaded earlier.... bahahahaha oh have I told you lately that I feel like a woman? hahaha

Jesus. What the hell is happening to me?!